Ultra Network - On Air Graphics for 2017

Below are the graphics which were created for the Ultra Networks for Music Interview Blocks, Holidays, and Promos.
Hollywood en Ultra Fiesta: Created a Bump In for a block on Ultra Fiesta where movie stars and film celebrities are interviewed.
(no audio)
Ultra Film (Conceptual On-Air Graphics): 
I was asked to create a new conceptual look for promos for Ultra Film.
(no audio)
Holiday IDs: Created motion graphics for a Halloween promo (edit was provided)
for Ultra Cine and Ultra Film to promote programming.  
Created a full-graphic Cinco De Mayo ID for Ultra Mex (no audio).
Ultra Fiesta Social Media Promo:  Created a motion graphic depicting the various social media outlets for Ultra Fiesta, which was used for a promotional video. 
(no audio)
Software used: Element 3D, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator

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