Where the creativity lives

Creativity is my driving force.
For the past 10 years, professionally I have been working as a 2D/3D Animator, Motion Graphic Designer, Compositor and Visual Effects Artist.
From creating TV broadcasting motion graphics and animations for specific Spanish and English networks to providing Visual Effects on full-length films, TV episodic shows, and commercials, the pull of the creative always me to experience different flavors of the journey.
As an independent artist, I thrive in the environment of fellow creatives and enjoy the interaction and I enjoy the "geek out" when talking about motion graphics, animations or visual effects with my peers.
Sometimes the work can be frustrating and creative blocks can be the death of most people, but the "hard" aspect is the driving force.  It always demands for the best and constantly screams for growth.
All in all, I am a creative nerd, I bathe in its nature and smile at its complexity.

Side note: I find rotoscoping calming and relaxing (uber nerd)
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