This project was a team effect.
I designed the look and feel of the heart and
the CGI/VFX scenes that I created are the "business people" and the "spies".
Credit of CGI/VFX work by: Santiago Gomez & Carlos Castilla
Edited/Produced by: Alejandro Ochoa
Created with: After Effect and Photoshop
This project was a team effect.
The CGI/VFX scenes that I created is the "Open Refrigerator door"
In this scene we used an existing cartoon, and I modeled, animated, rotoscoped and tracked
the strawberry and grape, that interacts with the live-action actor.
In the "Soccer" scene, I also created the light effect spilling out the door before they open it, 
and also provided rotoscoping when they are looking through the door at the cartoon.

Credit of CGI/VFX work by: Santiago Gomez, Carlos Castilla & Esteban Motran
Edited/Produced by: Alejandro Ochoa
Sound Mixing: Eren Kocabasi

Created with: After Effect, Maya and Photoshop
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